pardon our dusk dust

/////8th December 2017

We're finally back! And you might be wondering what happened.

Long story short, I've been hunting for a new web host. The longest host for this site, went under some time ago, and I had outgrown the allocated space provided anyway. So now, we're on CrocWeb. Unfortunately, although I did backup, I've recently discovered that the backup was for 2006(!). Thus, with the exception of a few websites I was in the process of redoing, I've had to rely on Wayback Machine and Archive to provide the original assets for several sites.
The sites that are safe are as follows:

*Hikari, a Sora shrine
*Protector, an Absol shrine
*Charmeleon Chamber (partial)
*Croc!, a Totodile Shrine (most)
*Kari's Digimon Plush Hoard
*Kari's TLK Collection
*Total Fur Fighters (hosted)

At the moment, I'm working on getting these sites restored. Until then, you may run into 404 errors. When the site is completely restored (or as restored as I can get it) I will be sure to update this page, along with the html for it.

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